History and mission


Le VAG (Voitures Anciennes de Granby)  was created in 1980 by 6 people who were mad about antique cars namely Georges Nichols who first thought of the association, with the help of  Philippe Breton, Denis Fausse, Robert Fausse, Michel Brunelle et Gilles Boisvert

Letters patebt were signed on April 18, 1983 registration according to the Companies Act was took place on June 29, 1983.

At first, the club was supposed to be called Le Club Roxton but it was later agreed to call it ''Voitures anciennes de Granby'' because of the services and parks available in Granby for shows. The first objective of the club was to allow collectors to help each other in restoring antique vehicles and to organize group excursions during warmer months.

The first board of directors was composed of the following people:

  • Président : Gilles Boisvert
  • Vice-President : Ralph Gilman
  • Secretary-treasurer : Gérard Boucher
  • Membership : Michel Brunelle
  • Editor in chief : Philippe Breton
  • Directors : Réal Poirier, Robert Fausse, Martial Choinière et Martin Lefebvre.



The objective of the Voitures ancviennes de Granby is to promote the conservation of antique or special interest vehicles, to promote interest for these vehicles in the general public, to promote activities focussed on the owners and aficionados of antique vehicles rather than on the vehicles.



One of the first activities organized by the VAG was the show in Daniel-Jonhson Park on the the shores of Lake Boivin. The first ''Granby International'' was held in 1981 with 49 vehicles an 2 flea marcket vendors. Succeeding years brought increasing numbers of vehicles ans spectactors and visitors and exhinitors from the other countries. In 1990, the name of the show was changed to 'Granby International'.

The GI was innovative and the number of visitors, exhibitors, and flea market vendors increased year after year. Over the years we added the auction, the car coral, Sunday entertainement and theme based expositions. The GI grew rapidly in the second half of the 90's. The organizers of the evebt began to invest in material and equipment to improve the services to the public and the exhibitors.

Today the show receinces more than 3000 vehicles , 500 flea market vendors, around 100 vehicles at auction and more than 30.000 visitors.


It is important to mention the collaboration of the City of Granby and many sponsors who contribute to the success of the event every year.

Most imprtantly, we want to mention all of our volunteers without whom the GI would not happen. They are more than 250 people who give their time and energy, regardless of the weather, to greet and welcome you as if on their own property.